January 2015
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Public storm out of Parish Council Meeting

Traffic on Huddersfield Road, Diggle

More than eighty members of the public stormed out of Monday night’s Saddleworth Parish Council meeting in anger after parish councillors, in their view, failed to effectively deal with their questions and concerns

Normally at the start of a council meeting a short amount of time is allocated to […]

Pupils prove their salt with gritter names

Gritter operative clearing roads in Diggle {Photo: Stuart Coleman©2015)

Primary school children have shown true grit and come up with some imaginative names for Oldham Council’s fleet of gritters.

Late last year we launched a competition asking young people to come up with a first name for each one of the eight vehicles which […]

Site for new Saddleworth School Confirmed

This plan for Diggle shows how land could be used to deliver a new school. It does not portray exact details such as the shapes and design of buildings.

Following the completion of a long awaited feasibility study, the Education Funding Agency (EFA) has decided that the new Saddleworth School should be built on […]

EFA say OMBC will decide the location of Saddleworth School

Cllr Mike Buckley, Cllr Nikki Kirkham, Mike Green, Keith Lucas (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2014)

Leading Saddleworth Independent Councillors and Saddleworth School campaigners travelled to Coventry last Thursday to present a petition to the Education Funding Agency (EFA) urging the Agency to built the New Saddleworth Secondary School in Uppermill rather than Diggle. The EFA are […]

Fraudsters trick and assault an 83-year-old man in Greenfield

Two men claiming they wanted to check the water pressure in a Saddleworth home stole money from an 83-year-old man.

At around 1.45pm on Friday 7 November 2014, two men knocked on the door of house on Carr Lane, Greenfield and said they needed to check the pressure. They were invited inside and while one […]

Diggle’s Rainbow Coloured Eggs

A close relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Diggle Chicken

by Diggle’s Junior Reporters

Entrepreneurial Pupils at Diggle Primary aren’t chicken when it comes to business.

A group of 10 – 11 year old children in year five have, with their teachers, devised a business plan for the production and sale of rainbow coloured eggs.


Diggle Band Club’s Christmas Fayre 2014


Saddleworth Christmas Lights Switch On 2014

See details below for the Saddleworth Christmas Lights Switch-ons.

Saddleworth North Monthly Crime Figures: Oct 2014

Supplied by GMP

Cime AUG SEPT OCT Burglary (Of homes) 5 0 2 Burglary Other (Shed, Garage, Business) 4 4 4 Theft from a vehicle 4 3 4 Theft of a motor vehicle 0 6 1 Criminal damage 5 4 4 Robbery 0 0 0

Saddleworth North Monthly Crime Figures: Oct 2014

Burglary Dwelling


Saddleworth Remembers

Crowds gathering at the monument (Photo: Stuart Coleman ©2014)

Walkers climbing up to the monument (Photo: Stuart Coleman ©2014)

Pots and Pans Photo:(Stuart Coleman ©2014)