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OMBC adjust their sites re Saddleworth School

Diggle Front Option

Diggle Rear Option

























Oldham Council approved, at Cabinet on July 21st, proposing an alternative site option for consideration in the project to deliver the new Saddleworth [...]

Only five working days left to comment on site allocations!

SEA8: Greenfield and Greenbelt site at Shaw’s Pallet Works, Diggle (Photo: Paul Marsh)

OMBC Local Site Allocations

Have your say on how Saddleworth’s sites should be developed/protected. There are only five working days left for the public to comment on how sites should be used in the future.

Currently Oldham Council are going [...]

Letter to the Editor

By Mike Buckley

The Oldham Council statement is pure propaganda in favour of relocating the school in Diggle and like previous similar statements by the Council it is short on fact but high on rhetoric.

In support of the move, the statement continues the Council policy of abandoning objectivity in preference to peddling information intended [...]

Diggle children celebrate Christmas and say farewell to their village green



Letter to the editor: For ‘Open Space’ in Diggle read ‘Building Opportunity’

Dr Cox lighting children”s candles at the 2012 Christingle, Diggle (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

Recent planning decisions and proposals for development in Diggle reveal how rapidly the character and identity of a village can be threatened by the urge to exploit land which has for centuries been taken for granted as part of the green [...]

Oldham Council rejects Village Green Application

Diggle Village Green

By The DCA Executive Committee

Our apologies for the legal jargon but it displays what Dr. Nick Cox has tirelessly navigated, on Diggle’s behalf, over the last eight months.

At a meeting of the OMBC Commons Registration Committee, held on 26 November, the application to register Diggle Village Green as an [...]

What’s On….

‘What’s on’ in and around Diggle in November and December.

5th November – Memories of a Grammar School Boy. A talk by John Fidler on his days at Counthill School. St Chad’s Parish Centre on Station Road, Uppermill at 2pm.

6th November – Saddleworth WI Christmas Market. Saddleworth Hotel at 7:30pm.

9th November – Parish [...]

Letter to the Editor regarding a new Saddleworth School in Diggle

This plan is currently only a suggestion

Notwithstanding the need for a new Saddleworth School, having now seen the full extent of the proposals and the impact this will have on Diggle village and its residents, I am now strongly of the opinion that that the present scheme should be abandoned.

The cost in [...]

Celebrity Diggler Stapleton offers ‘whole-hearted support’ to campaign to save Village Green

John Stapleton (Photo: Stuart Coleman ©2013)

Diggle Community Association’s fight to prevent Diggle Village Green from being developed for housing has received a boost, thanks to the support of award-winning journalist and popular television presenter John Stapleton.

The Green, a small plot just opposite Diggle Chippy, has been a recreational space for residents since [...]

Residents asked to submit questions for a public meeting: “The Future of Saddleworth School…”

Residents of Saddleworth and Lees have been asked to submit questions in advance of a public meeting about, ‘The Future for Saddleworth School’. The meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th October at 7.30 p.m. in Uppermill Civic Centre.

In addition to keynote speakers, namely OMBC Leader Jim McMahon, Executive Director for Children’s Services, Michael [...]