April 2014
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Saddleworth School Update: Option agreement signed – work on planning submission starts

Greenfield and Greenbelt site at Shaw’s Pallet Works, Diggle (Photo: Paul Marsh)

Oldham Council has now signed the legal agreements with partners to deliver the proposed new Saddleworth School at Diggle.

The local authority has been in negotiations to acquire an area of land at the former WH Shaw Pallets Works in Diggle to [...]

Major sewer upgrade in Uppermill expected to cause serious disruption

Rushcart Festival, Church Rd, Uppermill (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2014)

A major sewer upgrade is set to take place later this year in June on Church Road in Uppermill. Although this necessary work has to take place to alleviate flooding in the area, it is expected to cause major problems for people moving around Uppermill and [...]

An evening of music at Kilngreen Church

New walk guide includes Diggle

Dr Jenny Lunn: Discovering Britain Project Manager

Diggle features in a new walk created by the Royal Geographical Society. ‘Discovering Britain’ is a prestigious collection of walks around the country, each with a geographical theme.

The Discovering Britain project is managed by Dr Jenny Lunn, who grew up in Delph. She wanted to ensure [...]

Armed Robbery at Diggle Post Office

Diggle Post Office

At approx 17:25 hrs today there was an armed robbery at Diggle Post office. The robbery was committed by two males who arrived at the scene on a motorbike which was later found abandoned at Warth Mill, Huddersfield Road.


1. Male white, dark eyes, 5’10″, average build wearing a black [...]

Diggle Blues Festival 2014

Victor Brox at the 2013 Diggle Blues Festival (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2014)

The line-up for the Diggle Blues Festival 2014:

Thursday 5th June – Kent Duchaine, Hanging Gate, 8pm. Friday 6th June – Sons of the Delta, Hanging Gate, 7pm. Friday 6th June – Mudcats Blues Trio, Diggle Band Club, 8.30pm. Saturday 7th June – [...]

Saddleworth North Monthly Crime Figures: February 2014 update


Crime Dec Jan Feb Burglary (Of homes) 1 0 6 Burglary Other (Shed, Garage, Business) 0 1 1 Theft from a Vehicle 5 0 4 Theft of a Motor Vehicle 0 1 3 Criminal Damage 4 2 1 Robbery 0 0 0









Burglary Dwelling

Rivington [...]

New school plans may add to flooding risk in Saddleworth

Flooding adjacent to the proposed sports fields in Diggle in 2012. (Photo: A. Hulme)

Following recent national flooding problems Save Diggle Action Group (SDAG) have raised concerns that the plans to relocate Saddleworth School to Diggle may add to the flooding risk in Saddleworth. The proposals for the new school involve [...]

OMBC’s review of the Site Allocations Plan – deadline extended

Local councillors and members of the public examine the Site Allocations Plan

Oldham Council has extended the time that residents are able to submit their views about future developments in the borough as part of the Site Allocations Plan consultation.

The deadline to submit feedback has been extended by a week to Friday, 28 [...]

Letter to the editor: What is the Green Belt and why should it be defended?

By Dr. N. Cox

It has been repeatedly stated by members of OMBC that, contrary to the arguments of those who have opposed the relocation of the school, the proposed development adjacent to Huddersfield Road, will not be on Green Belt land. In recent comments Amanda Chadderton, cabinet member for Education, Employment and Skills states: