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New school plans may add to flooding risk in Saddleworth

Flooding adjacent to the proposed sports fields in Diggle in 2012. (Photo: A. Hulme)

Following recent national flooding problems Save Diggle Action Group (SDAG) have raised concerns that the plans to relocate Saddleworth School to Diggle may add to the flooding risk in Saddleworth. The proposals for the new school involve [...]

Help stop flooding in Saddleworth

A62 near Standedge (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

A message from Councillor Garth Harkness regarding flooding in Saddleworth.

Dear Resident

Following the flooding in Dobcross last year I have had several meetings and have been working to get a collaborative approach to the problem. United Utilities have already carried out some work in the area.


Public meeting to tackle flooding in Saddleworth

Flooding on Wel-I-Hole Road, Greenfield (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

During last Summer and Autumn Saddleworth experienced serious flash flooding and a number of properties in Dobcross and Uppermill were damaged.

Some of the flooding problems have been solved by regular gully maintenance and grid clearing. However, the larger problem of the River Tame bursting its [...]

North West communities experience severe weather and flooding

Wel-I-Hole Road, Greenfield (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

North West communities experience severe weather and flooding

The Environment Agency is warning residents across the North West of England to take action as the risk of flooding increases over the next 24 hours.

The North West is experiencing travel disruption including flooded railway lines and roads as [...]

Heavy rain brings more flooding to Saddleworth

Well-I-Hole Road, Greenfield (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

Rivers, roads and drains across Saddleworth struggled to cope as one month’s rain fell in twenty four hours.

Many of the roads in Saddleworth became water courses today as drains became overwhelmed with large volumes of rainwater. Local rivers and streams threatened to breach their banks forcing residents [...]

Debbie Abrahams MP and Cllr Alexander visit flood hit areas in Saddleworth

This afternoon (24/6/12) Cllr Adrian Alexander took Debbie Abrahams MP to Wellyhole Street in his ward, Saddleworth West & Lees, to see where a footbridge was washed away by the flood water yesterday. Then they went up to Dobcross and reviewed the damage to houses on Dobcross New Road. Chatting to residents about the impact [...]