August 2014
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Saddleworth Parish Councillor Ken Hulme dies…he will be sadly missed

Ken Hulme

Ken Hulme died on Friday morning in the Royal Oldham Hospital, the same place he was born 62 years ago. He had been ill for a short time and this has come as a great shock to his family and friends

Ken had been the Parish Councillor for Delph and Denshaw on [...]

The former Dean of Liverpool Cathedral to speak at the Holocaust Memorial Day Vigil

The Rt, Reverend Dr. Rupert Hoare

The Rt. Reverend Dr. Rupert Hoare, former Dean of Liverpool Cathedral and Debbie Abrahams, Member of Parliament for Oldham East and Saddleworth are to speak at the Holocaust Memorial Day Vigil on Saturday January 28th in The Square, Uppermill.

Speaking on behalf [...]

Diggle celebrates its heroes

Tom Robinson, Wendy Bradbury, Jessica Lloyd, Maurice Brayford (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2011)

Diggle celebrates its heroes at Diggle Band’s annual Christmas Concert.

On Tuesday 20th December the Diggle Heroes nominees were invited to a special award ceremony at Diggle band Club. The nominees were chosen by local residents for either making a significant contribution to [...]

Community matters

On Tuesday 6th December the Diggle Community Association held its Annual General Meeting at Wrigley Mill, Diggle. At the end of a busy year the group celebrated the successes of 2011 and prepared for the challenges of 2012.

This year saw Nigel Shaw step down as chairman. He was thanked for his commitment and contribution [...]

Letter from the Editor: Farewell to Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Saville

In the late 70s and early 80s when there was only one television set and four channels to choose from arguments about what to watch were the norm. Agreement in our house was rare but there were a few programmes that broke this rule. One of these was Jim’ll Fix It.

The [...]