June 2018
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Social Care Team and OMT battle icy conditions to reach Diggle pensioner

Through the strongest blizzards and the deepest snowdrifts, there’s a team of everyday heroes checking in on all elderly and vulnerable people in Oldham.

Many people have been affected by the severe weather in recent days but spare a thought for those who rely on the help of others.

Staff from Oldham Council and MioCare, […]


It’s the end of an era in Oldham….After years of service keeping Oldham’s roads free of ice and snow gritters Freddie Salted; Grittersaurus; Goliath; Walter the Salter; Gritterbug; Gritney Spears; Gritanator and Thor have retired to the big depot in the sky.

In the course of their duties it is estimated that the incredible eight […]

New school plans may add to flooding risk in Saddleworth

Flooding adjacent to the proposed sports fields in Diggle in 2012. (Photo: A. Hulme)

Following recent national flooding problems Save Diggle Action Group (SDAG) have raised concerns that the plans to relocate Saddleworth School to Diggle may add to the flooding risk in Saddleworth. The proposals for the new school involve […]

Winter weather forecast for later this week

View south over Diggle (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2014)

A change from mild and wet weather to cold wintry conditions later this week.

The next 24 hours: Showers of rain, hail and sleet expected this afternoon and evening. Some wet snow possible above 300m later this afternoon and into the evening. Snow levels falling quite quickly […]

Today’s Weather

Photo: Stuart Coleman©2013

Today’s weather Wednesday 19th December 2013.

An unsettled afternoon is expected with showers. Some of the showers are likely to be heavy with hail, sleet or snow and may merge to give a longer spell of wintry conditions during the evening with accumulations of 0-2 cm and 2-5 cm in any […]

Weather forecast for tonight

Mammatus Clouds over Bingley (Photo: M. Hartshome)

A cold, cloudy but largely dry day. Road surfaces will be close to or just below zero in the early evening to the north and east side of Oldham. Cloud will then thicken through the evening bringing some outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow, and milder temperatures. […]

Winter weather set to continue

Gritter operative clearing roads in Diggle {Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

The Met Office has forecast another very cold day with a few snow flurries.

Tuesday will be very cold with variable amounts of cloud and strong easterly winds. There will be some drifting of lying snow on high ground and this is expected to cause […]

Snow closes high-level routes across the pennines

Oldham Council’s gritting team is continuing to work around the clock to keep the Borough moving during the latest cold snap.

The high level routes across the Pennines have been worst affected; especially the A635 Holmfirth Road and the A672 Ripponden Road where high winds and blizzard conditions have produced extreme conditions.

The A635 Holmfirth […]

North West communities experience severe weather and flooding

Wel-I-Hole Road, Greenfield (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012)

North West communities experience severe weather and flooding

The Environment Agency is warning residents across the North West of England to take action as the risk of flooding increases over the next 24 hours.

The North West is experiencing travel disruption including flooded railway lines and roads as […]

Carr Lane: Open or shut?

Carr Lane, Diggle (Photo: Stuart Coleman©2012

Carr Lane in Diggle has, following major repairs, been re-opened to traffic after being closed for over eighteen months but Diggle residents are asking, for how long?

Since the work was completed at the end of June this year the road has been closed twice due to heavy […]