April 2017
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Action needed to help save our bees

The Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, Cllr John McCann, is proposing a motion to the next meeting of Oldham Council (22 March 2017) calling on the local authority to establish an action plan to help save bees in the Borough.

Cllr McCann explained: “My parents kept bees and they were a common sight […]

Spotted one of these?

RSPB want to know if you’ve seen a hen harrier in the Peak District

Hen harrier Circus cyaneus, adult female in flight, hunting, Loch Gruinart RSPB reserve, Islay, June 2002

As spring approaches, the RSPB is calling on eagled-eyed wildlife fans who enjoy walking in the Peak District to keep a look out for […]

Two Birds of Prey Killed in Peak District

Osprey Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region

Reward offered as more birds of prey are illegally killed in the Peak District National Park

Derbyshire Police and the RSPB are appealing for information following the illegal killing of two birds of prey near to Glossop, Derbyshire. A £1000 reward has been offered by […]

Searching for skydancers in the Peak District

Female Hen Harrier

With spring around the corner, the RSPB is asking people who spend time in the Peak District to keep their eyes peeled for hen harriers, England’s most threatened birds of prey.

The nature conservation charity has relaunched its Hen Harrier Hotline with the aim of finding out where these birds might […]

Drivers should take care as toads make their annual migration

Wet conditions this year may not have suited many of Diggle’s residents but for some, it’s been a great year.

The toad population looks to have thrived as large numbers have been spotted at several sites in Diggle.

Bufo bufo or common toads can currently be seen migrating to their winter quarters for hibernation and […]