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Re-dedication of the Wrigley Mill War Memorials

Frank Holden, John Button, Denise Hudson, Rev. Peter Moorhouse, Dawn & Mike Naughton, Rosalind Gartside (Photo: Stuart Coleman@2013)

Generous acts of courage and sacrifice were remembered during a brief service at Diggle Day Nursery on Sunday 8 September to re-dedicate war memorials which, until July 2012, had been in the Wrigley Mill Methodist Church […]

Letter from the editor

Wrigley Mill


The Completion of the Sale of Wrigley Mill – July 2012

We understand that the new owners have officially taken over Wrigley Mill and that it will soon become a nursery with provision for community based facilities.

Whilst we welcome this news and look forward to a revival of […]

Update: Wrigley Mill Community Action Group

Wrigley Mill, Diggle

from the members of WM:CAG

We have had an unprecedented response from the community in relation to the Wrigley Mill survey about the sale of the building and what the community would like to see happen to Wrigley Mill. We would like to advise that we have placed a bid on […]

Wrigley Mill Update

Wrigley Mill

As many people will already know Wrigley Mill Methodist church closed for religious services in June 2011 and is currently up for sale by the Methodist church. A group of committed Diggle residents (WM:CAG-i.e. Wrigley Mill: community action group) are aiming to buy the mill in order to save a historic chapel […]

Letter to the editor

Providing something for young people in Diggle should be a priority

I have received an update from Diggle Bowling Club regarding the effect of the sale of land, which includes the bowling green, is having on them and its future.

‘Since the for sale signs were erected we have been plagued almost every night with […]

Calling all residents: Diggle Needs You!

The Wrigley Mill: Community Action Group have launched a community survey in Diggle. They are aiming to discover what, community resources, local residents would like to see developed in the future.

The group has been created in support of Wrigley Mill and in memory of the Chapel and Sunday School that has been on the […]

Wrigley Mill: the story so far…a personal view

Wrigley Mill

By Charlotte Coleman

At the October meeting of the DCA 2011 we found out from Duncan Rhodes that the Methodist church, known as Wrigley Mill would have to be sold due to dwindling congregation numbers. This decision not only profoundly affected church goers, it would ultimately impact on, not only existing community […]

Wrigley Mill: Community action group holds coffee morning

Wrigley Mill

Following the closure of Wrigley Mill Methodist Church last year and the announcement, by the Methodist Circuit, that the building would be put up for sale, a group of enthusiastic Diggle residents formed the Wrigley Mill: Community Action Group to explore how the building could be retained for community use.

This […]

Diggle Community Association

On Tuesday 6th December 2011 at 8pm there will be a community meeting at Wrigley Mill, Diggle.

Diggle Community Association (D.C.A.) aims to promote a thriving village community. The D.C.A. manages many of Diggle’s community events and addresses the issues that directly affect the local environment and community. It supports all groups and individuals in […]

144 years old…What next for Wrigley Mill?

On Thursday the 10th November Diggle residents held an informal meeting at Wrigley Mill to discuss the future of Wrigley Mill and other community facilities in the village.

The recent closure of Wrigley Mill Methodist Church as a place of worship has created some uncertainty over the building’s future. The building has a central position […]